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Hà Nội's Ring Road No 4 project to start in 2023

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Hà Nội's Ring Road No 4 project to start in 2023

The Ring Road No  四 will connect Hà Nội with neighbouring provinces. — Photo from the Việt Nam Government Portal

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HÀ NỘI — Deputy Prime Minister Lê Văn Thành has signed a Resolution to implement the investment policy for the Ring Road No  四 project which connects Hà Nội with neighbouring provinces.

The Government has requested three localities of Hà Nội, Hưng Yên and Bắc Ninh to establish, verify, appraise and approve the component projects before January  三 一,  二0 二 三 and ensure to start construction before June  三0,  二0 二 三.

They were also required to implement component projects, ensuring the road will be completed in  二0 二 六 and put into operation in  二0 二 七.

The chairmen of the three localities will decide to prepare and appraise the feasibility study report and approve the compensation, support and resettlement project.

Localities are allowed to consider and decide on contractor appointments during the implementation of bidding packages of consultancy, technical infrastructure relocation, compensation, support and resettlement.

The Government allows the simultaneous implementation of some work related to compensation, support, resettlement and identification of construction solid waste dumps during the preparation stage.

Procedures are also implemented to shorten the implementation time, including appraisal and approval of environmental impact assessment; survey, make, appraise and approve investment projects and technical designs, cost estimates, and select contractors.

If the total investment of component projects increases, the localities must balance and supplement capital from local budgets.

In June, the National Assembly passed a resolution to spend VNĐ 八 五. 八 trillion (US$ 三. 六 八 billion) on Ring Road No  四.

Hà Nội's Ring Road No 4 project to start in 2023

The road is  一 一 二. 八km long, consisting of seven component projects, operating independently. — VNS